The Different Faces of ‘Guilt’

Yesterday, we made history. In a 20-3 vote by the Senator-Judges to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona, he became the first highest magistrate of the land to be impeached. And with that, he was stripped off of all his benefits as a public official and is perpetually banned from taking public office in the future.

Some said that Chief Justice Renato Corona’s fate was sealed since the first day of the impeachment trial. The voting of the Senators yesterday - together with their colorful explanations and early electioneering - was anticlimactic. And some said that when Chief Justice Renato Corona staged his dramatic ‘walkout’ at the Senate, he left a bad impression among the Senators and thus,sealing his fate.

Different opinion, different view points. But behind all of these, one thing is certain - a man’s life and that of his family are changed forever.

I have always been an enthusiast of newspapers’ and magazines’ front page and cover. Since the advent of my bumming in our school library and in my parents’ office library, I have been always fascinated with covers and front pages of various local and international broadsheets and magazines. In fact, it is my daily habit before starting a day’s work to browse and to look at various front pages and covers whether it be in print or in digital format. I consider it as an exceptional art and as a part of history as well.

And in lieu of yesterday’s historical event, here are today’s front pages of some of our country’s major broadsheets.

Enjoy these little pieces of history!


Personal Observation:

The Philippine Daily Inquirer has been repeatedly criticized on social media, particularly on Twitter, for being pro-Noynoy Aquino. There were some instances in the past where their headlines, photos and their captions were those that would pull down the enemies of the Aquino administration.

Take for example yesterday’s issue. There were two banner stories but the story that would favor for the conviction of Chief Justice Corona has a bigger font size. And in today’s issue in what appears to be a minimalist one, the lay-out artist and the editor (or whoever made that one) chose the biggest possible font size to flaunt the ‘guilt’ of the Chief Justice.

Are these purely coincidental or an virtual subliminal message? I will leave the judgment to you. But it seems that the Inquirer is not the sole broadsheet who used a bigger font size. Because if you look closely, the Manila Standard also used a big one.

I hope this is the beginning of a new era for our country. Padayon Pilipinas!



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I swear, the ratings are through the roof!!!!!1!!

This is actually good for broadcasting companies

But what about us normal people

Are your dollar deposits gonna feed us

Seems in a matter of minutes, the Chief Justice is gonna be impeached.

I’m already wondering who would replace him. There are very high expectations for the next CJ.

Also, does this mean all his Supreme Court rulings are to be questioned?

15 down, one to go.

I can’t decide if I’m real excited about the impeachment results or it’s just the coffee talking.

Seriously I’m almost palpitating. Whew, it’s starting!